About Me Website - Netlify + Gatsby Migration

Learning Goal: Netlify + Gatsby Learning
willschweitzer.io - This website 😜
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My primary motivation behind this project was to explore all that Netlify has to offer and to make use of their amazing pricing! I also had never used a Jamstack and Gatsby has turned out to be another great tool.

Now this website is hosted using Netlify and developed using the Gatsby Jamstack.


Welcome to my projects view! Below, find projects I have either completed or am currently working on.

Senior Design Porject - Auditory Horizons

Senior Design Expo Poster

I developed the web application called Auditory Horizons with a group of four people during my senior year at the University of Cincinnati. I handled the design and implementation of the Frontend as well as integration with the backend and machine learning module.

Auditory Horizons makes use of React.js, Tensorflow, and an Eclipse Tomcat server.

About Me Website

Learning Goal: AWS Cloud Computing applications to Web Development
willschweitzer.io - This website 😜
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The primary AWS services used in this project are Elastic Beanstalk, EC2, DynamoDB, Route 53, Certificate Manager, and S3.

I used Node.js to develop this web application.