Summative Reflection

University of Cincinnati

Academic and Professional Journey

My academic journey started in 2015 and is set to complete in 2020. It primarily consists of my four co-op rotations split between all the semesters of class I have taken. My first co-op was in Canada for a startup company called Lendogram. Living and working in Canada was a great experience that taught me many things and gave me my first taste of the professional world. My next three co-ops took place in Ohio at Fox Sports where I saw substantial development in my ability as a software engineer. I am so grateful to have been able to gain such great experience at Fox Sports, when I left I felt like I was a necessary part of the team, and not just an intern.

Co-op Impact on my Computer Science Journey

I cannot stress enough how much my co-op experiences have impacted me and my computer science journey. Gaining on the job experience really made me realize my love for computer science and technology. I love the process of creating things.

Co-op Learning

The co-op program was surprising to me because I learned that there is nothing like on the job experience. I took concepts I learned in school to my co-ops and was able to learn what it is like to actually be a software engineer. I could not imagine graduating without this experience. Not to mention the experience interviewing and searching for multiple jobs.

If I Could Start Over

I cannot stress enough how important your first co-op and early semesters are.